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The Klondike Mysteries, set in Klondike Pennsylvania

If you enjoy mysteries set in small towns, involving a wide range of characters, written in a "whodunit" style, you'll love The Klondike Mystery series.

Klondike Mystery - book 1"Not a Whisper"  Klondike Mystery Book 2 - "Barely a Spark" Klondike Mystery Book 3 - "Almost a Touch"

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Not a Whisper ~ Barely a Spark ~ Almost a Touch

Klondike, Pennsylvania - a small town with big secrets. Nestled in the middle of the Allegheny National Forest, just "up the hill" from Bradford, PA, people discover that small towns can hide big secrets.

The C'mon Inn Mysteries, set in Kaua`i Hawaii

Take a free peek inside the books:
Paradise Down ~ Paradise Dead ~ Paradise Drift

Meet the Thompson Twins, elderly sisters who run the C'Mon B & B, welcoming others to their ohana (family). Follow along as they deal with missing persons, vandalism, murder attempts, and explosions!

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