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October 7th, 2017
2:00 pm

White Pine Books invites you to our "Authors To Die For Affair".

Joining us are: Donna Ball, Donna B. McNicol, Scott Langrel, Kaye George, Amy Webb Curry, Lynn Chandler Willis, Victoria Raschke, Carol Ann Newsome, Russ Snyder & Wayne Zuri. Skyping with us are Carolyn Haines, Duffy Brown, Lorna Barrett & Kate Collins.

There will be guest speakers, book signings and Q&A.

Refreshments will be served, ticket prices are $9.95.
Limited seating, so reserve your tickets now at White Pine Books or call 865-761-0800.
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White Pine Bookstore
1703 Main St, White Pine, TN 37890
(865) 296-2230
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