Klondike Mysteries

Klondike Mystery - book 1"Not a Whisper"  Klondike Mystery Book 2 - "Barely a Spark"  Klondike Mystery Book 3 - "Almost a Touch"

Order Signed Paperback Klondike Mystery Books

Lei Crime Kindle World Mysteries

"Paradise Down" A Lei Crime Kindle World Novella  Paradise Dead, a Lei Crime Kindle World mystery  Paradise Drift, a Lei Crime Kindle World mystery


 "Lost and Found" Romantic Short Story "Home Again" A small town romance
"Lost and Found" is the prequel short story to "Home Again"

Children's Books

"What Do I Count" Children's Bedtime Book                              .
children's bedtime rhyming book  ~ * ~ 7 stories of fantasy & adventure

Short Stories, Anthologies & Misc.

"A to Z" Flash Fiction Compilation  "Lost and Found" Romantic Short Story

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